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Sunday afternoon for two...
Photo By: hys
10-2-17 9:44 PM - Comment by: hys
Thank you, Akemi-n, for the 'Like' !
Photo By: johnwillie
10-2-17 5:27 AM - Comment by: johnwillie
Thanks for the feedback Terence 👍
Small Boat Pleasure
Photo By: walter2
10-1-17 6:57 AM - Comment by: walter2
Thank you, hys, for the 'Like' to this one!
Photo By: yuriylux
09-26-17 11:03 AM - Comment by: yuriylux
Walter and Akemi-n, for thanks like!
Palette of September
Photo By: yuriylux
09-26-17 11:01 AM - Comment by: yuriylux
Terence, thank for comment!
Photo By: theosteijaert
09-26-17 7:24 AM - Comment by: theosteijaert
Thanks for your comment, hys
Photo By: walter2
09-26-17 1:04 AM - Comment by: walter2
Hello terence2 - and thank you for the well appreciated and kind comment to this image!
Old "Rockers" feeling young ...!
Photo By: walter2
09-26-17 1:02 AM - Comment by: walter2
Thank you, hys - for the 'Like' to this image!
Sundown in the Skerries
Photo By: walter2
09-25-17 2:22 AM - Comment by: walter2
Many thanks to Terence2 for his kind comment, together with his 'Like' to this image!
Photo By: tahasaifeee
09-24-17 7:50 AM - Comment by: terence2
Great shot...
Shaver lake, California
Photo By: rbfresno
09-24-17 7:49 AM - Comment by: terence2
this is an amazing shot. Well done
Crashing Waves
Photo By: walter2
09-24-17 3:57 AM - Comment by: walter2
Thank you for the 'Like', chuckn!
Red Toadstool Mushroom (Poisenous!!)
Photo By: walter2
09-23-17 4:43 AM - Comment by: walter2
Thank you, hys!
I guess you mean the small white spots on top of the mushroom that are so particular for this species. They develop later, when the mushroom gets bigger!
Embeded Photo
Photo By: akemi-n
09-14-17 6:27 PM - Comment by: akemi-n

Thank you very much for your 'Like' and taking time to view my photo!

Best regards,
The Rock
Photo By: walter2
09-12-17 10:54 PM - Comment by: walter2
Thanks, HYS - for the 'Like'!
The Drummer
Photo By: walter2
09-12-17 10:53 PM - Comment by: walter2
Thank you, HYS - for the appreciated comment and the 'Like'!
Photo By: oldham
09-12-17 4:04 AM - Comment by: hys
Nice picture!
Amy Prause
Photo By: mrbiglens
09-12-17 2:01 AM - Comment by: mr.t
Photo By: yuriylux
09-12-17 1:44 AM - Comment by: yuriylux
Oldham, HYS and Walter, thank!
2 Doors and 2 Corner Windows in the Courtyard
Photo By: walter2
09-9-17 2:14 AM - Comment by: walter2
Thank you, hys - for delivering yet another 'Like' to one of my images!