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🕐 01-10-19 4:12 AMhys posted Click to Reply and View all comments
Cabbage Patch Kids
Photo - 100365
Wow, there is a scene down the road from where I live which is almost the exact same one. I will need to photograph it for you.
Photo 100838
Another shot of yours, Yuri, that works it magic upon me here in Scotland on Hogmanay.
It is a combination of perfectly balanced compositional tensions and the softly diffuse chroma of blue and orange that exude atmosphere which is thoroughly engaging.
Thanks for sharing.
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🕐 12-30-18 10:20 AMyuriylux posted Click to Reply and View all comments
Photo 100749
Micpico69, thanks for you comments!
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Photo 100805
Thank you
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Photo 25174
Need more like this. Awesome
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🕐 12-4-18 9:57 AMakul posted Click to Reply and View all comments
Photo 100781
By: akul
Thank you very much for your beautifully written supportive comment !

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Northern California Renaissance Fair
Love that bokeh. Does magic to the colors.

Is that 105 living up to all the hype? It certainly looks good on here.
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Singapore Botanic Gardens
Very good composition and color on these interesting flowers.
Photo 100709
I really like this shot. It looks like a painting!
🕐 11-13-18 12:26 PMmicpic069 posted Click to Reply and View all comments
Photo 100705
Masterful use of high contrast black and white approaching a light film effect all within a beautifully balanced composition of the fisher men and boat anchoring our attention against the counter current compositional lements of the grasses and rippling textures of the water.
Masterful, Yuri !
Photo - 100664
One ton bales... Nice image!
Mono Lake and Sierras
Lovely scenery. Quality reproduction. Colours and everything.
Photo 100620
I particularly like the clouds. Tonal range and lens are super. Try cutting some of the foreground, so that the eye gets not distracted, but gets straight to the clouds and mountains. Nice going.
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Photo 100621
Oh well, the Ukrainian colours! And the famous Nikon yellow.
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Yosemite's Half Dome Reflected by Merced River
Amazing !!!!
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Yosemite's Merced River; Sentinal Bridge View
Wow! Stunning.
Photo 100610
Composite or 15mm lens? - I hope you brought your fishing rod too!!
🕐 10-23-18 9:08 AMqbert posted Click to Reply and View all comments
Photo 100580
Thats where I should be!
Very good composition and use of color.
🕐 10-21-18 10:02 PMallmetro posted Click to Reply and View all comments
Photo 100560
Color of fall!