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🕐 03-24-18 4:31 AMterence2
Norwegian sunset
🕐 03-23-18 5:39 PMmitresg
Sunset over the refinery
Thank you. Yes, the golden sunset was beautiful, even over a refinery. Given the lighting, my job was relatively easy.
🕐 03-23-18 4:10 PMterence2
Urban saints
By: oldham
well done
🕐 03-22-18 2:18 AMwalter2
Trapped in time
Thank you, hys - for marking this image with your well appreciated 'Like'!
🕐 03-20-18 3:47 AMwalter2
Fairytail Village (over the top!)
Thank you yuriylux and hys for both the 'Like' and hys' kind comment. The colors of this image are a little "over the top" but this is how I like to see it!
🕐 03-19-18 5:03 PMoldham
Salford Quays
By: scouse
Good color contrast and harpness
🕐 03-19-18 5:01 PMoldham
Photo 20427
Absolutely excellent
🕐 03-19-18 3:52 PMoldham
Bat Shattering Swing
excellent detail and feeling well taken
🕐 03-19-18 3:45 PMoldham
Boats of Mull
By: stroop
I highly appreciate this work well done indeed
🕐 03-17-18 10:19 AMwalter2
Coming home from school
Thank you both - yuriylux and hys - for the *Like* to this image. I appreciate that you are taking the time to view my images here on nikonimages.com!
🕐 03-16-18 7:10 PMmitresg
Feet on the table
Thank you. The chairs had a good night's rest, with legs up.
🕐 03-16-18 7:09 PMmitresg
Foot path in the park
Thank you. The deep shade had been accentuated by the use of film pushed 2 stops. Graininess OK?
🕐 03-16-18 5:32 AMwalter2
From last November
Thank you, hys - both for the 'Like' and your kind comment of this image of the Old Town of Fredrikstad in Norway!
🕐 03-16-18 5:30 AMwalter2
Winter in the Bay
Thank you, yuriylux - for the 'Like' to this image!
🕐 03-15-18 5:41 AMterence2
Photo 43217
Well Done
🕐 03-14-18 4:25 AMakul
Photo 43210
By: akul
Thank you very much for your thought provoking comment.
🕐 03-13-18 5:31 AMwalter2
Reflections of the passing man in the glass door is a nice touch!
🕐 03-12-18 5:41 AMbaraboowilli
Vintage Green Buick
Walter2 - Thank you for the "like." The annual car show in Iola, Wisconsin has over 2,000 classic cars. Lots of opportunities for great photos.
🕐 03-11-18 8:58 AMwalter2
Round the Bend
Thank you, for Your very good and reality-based comment, micpic069 - appreciate Your effort in writing a few Words!
Best regards,
🕐 03-9-18 1:31 AMwalter2
Thank you, also to chriseeo, hys and terence2 - for your 'Likes' to this old image!