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Some random pictures for your viewing pleasure

Victoria, PEI
NORWAY walter2
Approaching Ferry
CROATIA bernardv
Murter- zalaz
CROATIA bernardv

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Comments by: UKRAINE Yuriylux - 01-27-15 11:53 AM  
Photographer: NORWAY walter2
The beautiful cityscape. New lens?
Comments by: UNITED STATES Akemi-n - 01-26-15 6:11 PM  
Photographer: NETHERLANDS paqart
Comments by: NETHERLANDS Paqart - 01-25-15 11:31 AM  
Photographer: NETHERLANDS paqart
I think you are right. I saw the one to the left of the face, but thought it was on my monitor. I checked some other shots and found more, typically in dark, flat parts of the image. I Photoshopped them to get rid of the dots. I had the same problem with shots taken by my Otus, so it isn't the lens. I used the 'clean sensor' function on the D800 to see if that takes care of it. Thanks for pointing this out.

Comments by: AUSTRIA Ulysses - 01-25-15 10:50 AM  
Photographer: NETHERLANDS paqart
There are some dots in the image. One left of the face and some on the edges of the image. Maybe there is dust on the camera sensor or on the lens?
Comments by: NETHERLANDS Paqart - 01-25-15 10:40 AM  
Photographer: NETHERLANDS paqart
What are "sensor dots"?

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