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2016 - ZeissImages Contest Sponsored by Zeiss

By Walter Schoeffthaler

Your Question on the - "what it would take for you to host your portfolio here on zeissimages."

I have tried to write a post directly in this Zeiss-thread but every time I click the blue button "Post it" I get an instant error-message - so I try to post this here:

Hi Jorge!
I don't know if my 2 Cents are something to listen too - because I am not a "real" member of this, but a real member of two of your sister-sites, and

- Now, in my 9 years of photographing digitally, I have used many different camera-brands and hundreds of different lenses, also of mixed brands.

- To open a personal Portfolio in a Brand-Site, such as, is not such a good idea (for me), since most of my pictures taken up through all these years, are taken with mixed gear from several different manufacturers, Panasonic, Olympus, Pentax, Nikon and FujiFilm.

- My present Portfolio in Norway - - is such a "Mixed Bag" where the different brands of cameras I have used during those years, do not matter. Alternatively, I would have to open up one Nikon-brand Portfolio, one FujiFilm-brand Portfolio, and another one for shots done with mye M4/3-gear (now sold on) and another one for Pentax-brand pictures, because I still keep my Pentax K50 with WR 18-135mm lens (which is a totally WeatherResistant combo) for pictures in really bad weather. No matter how much it rains, the Pentax K50 kan take it!

I also had a Sony NEX-5n for two years and have a lot of pictures taken with this camera - where to put them ... ... ?

So, what a photographer really NEEDS is a Cross-Brand Portfolio, where everything can be uploaded, regardless of camera- / lens-brand.

Best regards from Norway,
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