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🕐 09-7-10 8:23 PMtorralba
Photo 3943
Wow. Great colors and light. keep them coming.
🕐 09-7-10 7:32 PMtorralba
Photo 3961
By: zblake
Nice capture with a great lens :)
🕐 09-7-10 12:37 PMljsegil
Lilac Breasted Roller, Botswana, Africa
I got quite a few nice shots with it, both of wildlife and some landscapes. Much more user (and wallet) friendly than the 70-200, though obviously lacks the faster aperture. I have no regrets having made the switch, however.
🕐 09-7-10 7:30 AMricardsonwilliams
Photo 3813
By: deluca
nice shot!
🕐 09-7-10 7:26 AMricardsonwilliams
Photo 3869
nice shot! this lens is VERY sharp at f1.4.
🕐 09-7-10 5:04 AMkanuck
Photo 3855
Interesting shot and a good use of lighting here. Well done.
🕐 09-5-10 8:49 AMzblake
F4s - Amsterdam
By: marco
great shot!
🕐 09-5-10 8:01 AMzblake
Photo 3893
Nice creation. Love the composition and the sun rays.

🕐 09-5-10 5:15 AMjlancasterd
'On Guard'
At the W&LLR Gala 4 September, this Stanley steam car had broken down, the dog had been left in charge and was taking her duties seriously!
🕐 09-5-10 5:13 AMjlancasterd
A Little TLC
A Little TLC at the W&LLR Gala 4 September - 'Chevallier' was running a hot axle box.
🕐 09-5-10 5:02 AMjlancasterd
A Quiet Break
'A Quiet Break' at Welshpool - W&LLR Gala 4 September
🕐 09-5-10 5:00 AMjlancasterd
The Station Bus
'The Station Bus' at the Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway Gala, 4 September
🕐 09-3-10 7:52 PMkanuck
Photo 3872
Cool shot! Nice details and nice Zeiss sharpness^^
🕐 09-3-10 8:19 AMtorralba
Photo 3873
I like the way you darkened the corners here. Good colors and tone.
🕐 09-2-10 5:13 PMkanuck
Layers and Curves
By: kanuck
Thanks! Yes its an amazing place to see. The place is set up perfectly for photography and I can't think of any other place like it in the world. You bascially have to be patient and choose your shots that move you I think otherwise you will be overwelmed. I took 12 rolls of both slide and black and white as well as 6 GB of digital on my D700 in just 6 hours while I was here. The weather was also kind to me hovering at just 71 degrees even though it should have been around 101 in early August.
🕐 08-30-10 6:27 PMjocelen
Te Mata / Craggy Range (New Zealand)
Only a UV filter.
🕐 08-29-10 10:26 AMsanctamonius
Photo 3756
thanks much!
🕐 08-28-10 6:35 AMsanctamonius
Photo 3734
thanks Zeiss Man
🕐 08-26-10 6:53 AMrsolti13
Photo 3724
Chevys.....I didn't know they were still around. All of them in FL were bought out/closed. Love the palenta (sp) there
🕐 08-19-10 6:16 AMsmallsmile
Botswana Marsh
Very nice... I really like this <b>lovely painting</b>: BRAVO!