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🕐 08-18-10 10:47 AMljsegil
Autumn Colors
Nikkor SW 120/8 large format lens, the widest that can be used on the 8x10" format, Astia 100F film.
🕐 08-18-10 10:43 AMljsegil
Decaying Tulips
The Nikon connection is the lens used which was a Nikkor AM 210/5.6 Micro large format lens on a Canham 5x7" camera, Kodak Portra 160NC film.
🕐 08-15-10 5:54 PMjocelen
Tolaga Bay, New Zealand.
[Several pictures stiched together]
🕐 08-15-10 5:46 PMjocelen
The Mata peak, New Zealand.

[Several pictures stiched together]
🕐 08-15-10 5:38 PMjocelen
Track to Mt Cook (New Zealand)
[Several pictures stiched together]
🕐 08-14-10 12:50 PMtorralba
By: donuss
wonderful tones! This is a very nice capture! well done.
🕐 08-12-10 8:18 PMtimdesuyo
Danger Buzz Aldrin, Danger
Cool. Where did he get it? I picked mine up second-hand, and I was kinda wondering the history of the toy...
🕐 08-12-10 1:11 PMtorralba
By: donuss
Excellent capture!
🕐 08-12-10 10:35 AMtorralba
Photo 3525
Wow. That is sharp. What lens did you use.
🕐 08-12-10 2:37 AMtimdesuyo
Spiders are patient. He was all of a whopping half-centimeter across. Maybe a whole centimeter. I set up my camera, which scared him away, and then I left and came back 10 minutes later, when he had returned to his spot... and my camera was ready for him :)
🕐 08-11-10 6:54 PMtorralba
Photo 3518
This was too grainless so I added light grain in LR3
🕐 08-11-10 2:55 PMtimdesuyo
Ultra Cola
Ultra Cola, a Japanese cola tied into the ever popular Ultra Man.
🕐 08-7-10 11:52 AMtorralba
Photo 3455
testing out the new D3S. Lovely camera.