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I am sorry!
If this site does continue like this - that ONE member is using this as a private place and uses this site as private space to expose his mediocre images- with endless and NOT so interesting Black&White shots - I will pack up and leave. This is not a good and serious place anymore.

I know that photo is so many different things to each and everyone - but this is too much!

mitresg - 08-7-18 6:53 PM
Walter. I admire your pixel-perfect pictures as usual. I am sure you have taken years to perfect it. I also have been taking pictures since the early 80s. So the mediocre pictures of mine are my expressions, though they might not be as good as yours. I have also been a member of Leicaimages for over 3 years, having dumped over 1500 pictures over that period.
Please stay and continue you good work. I have dumped my last picture onto the Nickon site. Good bye.


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Seafront in the Morning

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