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Let me know what is not working and what you need added.

Let me know what is not working and what you need added.

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Posted: 05-20-18 8:44 PM - Views: 785

By: Jt

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After the upgrade, I am sure there will be thing smissing. But for the time being please use this thread to post your replies.

Browse around play with features and see what works or does not.

Don't forget to look at barnding images and other cool stuff.

You will need to request a password reset. To do this click on Sign In and on the bottom left of the login form, you will see a link to Forgot Password. Just click on that to get a new one.

Lastly. don't forget blurbs!  They are like tweets and a great way to communicate to the entire site.



Oh. I will have an option soon to opt out of emails. So please be patient. I am a one man shop trying hard to please the entire community :)




Reply from Walter Schoeffthaler on 06-15-18 12:29 PM

It is the same here. Every time I open up NikonImages.com I must sign in with both name and password. It takes only 10 seconds, so it does not bother me much - but, that's how it is.

Best greetings from Norway,


Reply from Terence Weaver on 05-29-18 7:34 AM

will the ablity to see newly uploaded items  be returned?

Reply from Jt on 05-28-18 8:33 PM

I logged in as you and could no duplicate the issue.

What browser are you using?

Could you go to the bottom of any page and click on "Check cookies" or if you are logged in, in your dashboard left window click on "Do I have cookies enabled" and let me know if you get an enabled or disabled message.

Reply from Robert Sadoff on 05-28-18 8:25 AM


Nope. Logging on/off/on doesn't help. Every time I come to the site I must log on.

Only happens here, and only since you re-designed the site. Not the worst thing in my life, but a bit of a pain. Hope you get it sorted out.


Reply from Jt on 05-26-18 3:26 PM

That should not be happening. I will look into it but for the time being why don't you log in then log out to see if that clears up anything for you. You might have some old cookies from the old version of the site.

Reply from Robert Sadoff on 05-26-18 12:39 PM


Curious why I must log in every time I return to the site. This doen't happen at any of the other five photo sites I visit. Just this one since you re-configured everything. Is there a way to stay logged in,even when I leave the site?

Robert (RBSinTo)

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