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Missing EXIF data

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Missing EXIF data

Category: General Discussion

Posted: 07-17-18 3:55 AM - Views: 1157

By: Walter Schoeffthaler

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EXIF still missing - or did I just not find it?

Under the icon of "Edit photo details" I would very much like to be able to look at the EXIF-data, like we could befor the change here. Is there a place now, that I have not found yet....?

Looking at EXIF-data is a big help for myself. Especially old pictures that I have uploadet years ago, and cannot find again in my own archives - with the EXIF-data on your page I can go back and check the Exposure-date!
Thanks Jorge.


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Reply Nr.7 from Walter Schoeffthaler on 08-11-18 2:12 AM

There you go!

Thats it, that is exactly what I was missing from the old style. Thank you very much, Jorge - I am happy as a lark now!

Best regards,


Reply Nr.6 from Nikon Images on 08-10-18 9:52 PM

oh. Ok. I got it.

All fixed.  Expand the photo details like in the example above with the red circle, then click on "Uber Exif"



Reply Nr.5 from Walter Schoeffthaler on 08-7-18 3:57 AM

NO, Jorge!! - You missunderstand what I am trying to tell you.

The link I gave you to Fujifilm is just an EXAMPLE of what we HAD  - in the old system -

and what I am MISSING NOW! EXIF-data in the new system (Nikon- / Zeiss) is reduced to bare nessesities with only a handfull of information details - while we had this awesom load of everything before (Linkt to FujiFilm)  - WHICH WAS VERY GOOD! I LOVED THAT! I am not impressed with what we have here ...

Best regards,


Reply Nr.4 from Nikon Images on 08-6-18 9:04 PM

I have not upgraded fujifilmimages yet to the new software.


Reply Nr.3 from Walter Schoeffthaler on 08-1-18 5:01 AM

Reply Nr.2 from Walter Schoeffthaler on 07-31-18 1:38 AM

Yes, I have!
But that is not what I ment, as this is only basic information and shows the bare necessities only.

On the old site there was better and extendet EXIF-information available. For instance - if I were to look up one of my older (5 - 10 years old) image here on  - I could check the EXIF-data and find out WHEN it was taken, and thus find the image in my own (and 6-Terrabytes!) archives.

Best regards,



B.T.W.: I was just now trying to upload an image here in my answer and did not succeed.

The Icon "Insert/edit image" does open a text-box, but nothing happens then when I try to insert in the "SOURCE"-box 

- Usually, when one inserts the curser in such a text-box, the Windows File Explorer opens up, to chose an image-file to upload ...




Reply Nr.1 from Nikon Images on 07-19-18 9:04 AM

Have you looked at this ?


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