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Nikon Z7 & 24-70 f4

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Nikon Z7 & 24-70 f4

Category: General Discussion

Posted: 10-12-18 12:30 AM - Views: 1372

By: Qbert

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Not a review but some initial thoughts and experiences with the new Nikon Z7.

Some major physical limitations have prevented me from taking photos recently but the Z7 has allowed me to use a high end camera again.

Even though Im half blind, can barely walk and have trembling hands, I have been able to use the Z7 handheld with shutter speeds as slow as 1/8th sec!!

I cant hand hold my D800 or D3 any longer, They are too heavy and I shake too much. And I cant carry a tripod around by myself any longer.

The Z7 with 24-70 is about the size and weight of a D90 and 18-105 with features and image quality that exceeds the D800.

The EVF is super sharp and bright and allows my poor eysight to compose/review shots without issues.

The monitor is bright and sharp but I find myself using the viewfinder almost entirely.

The 24-70 f4 is very sharp across the entire frame but with light fall-off in corners to about 5.6, gone at f8. No lens correction profiles are available yet.

High iso of 25,600 is usable but best at 3,200 or lower. 64 to 200 is amazing. (even with tiff or jpeg)

XQD is FAST!  I dont miss the second card slot or SDs in general. I have been using single CF cards for quite some time now.

Adobe still doesnt support the new RAW files (as of 10-12-2018) so Im shooting TIFFs at the moment.

Cant wait to see what the raws look like.

Although I dont really plan on using it regularly, I have tested the FTZ adapter with AIS, AFD and AFS Nikkor lenses without any issues. The Sigma 120-400 AFS is the only Non-Nikkor lens tested and worked perfectly.

With the FTZ, autofocus only works with AFS type lenses with the focus motor in the lens.

I plan on purchasing the 50 1.8s and 14-30 f4s when they become available and only using the new s line lenses with the Z.

-John (Qbert)


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Reply Nr.3 from Nikon Images on 12-9-18 9:39 AM

I am considering the Z6 now that it is readily available and more affordable. I would love to see what that new Noct for the Z will cost.

Reply Nr.2 from Qbert on 10-16-18 4:00 AM

I contacted Fotodiox, the makers of lens mounts/adapters, and they will soon offer adapters to allow use of the Pentax 645 and Mamiya 645 medium format lenses with the new Z mount. They indicated availability within the next couple of months.

I only inquired about the two mounts Im interested in, but Im sure there will be a full line similar to what they offer for the F mount.

You can contact them via:

"Fotodiox Info"  info@fotodiox.com

Reply Nr.1 from Nikon Images on 10-12-18 8:28 AM

This is great news. Can't wait to see it and more. I was shooting Sony for a while but have always been a Nikon fanboy. This is opening up a hole new world of opportunities for me to use my old nikon glass natively.

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