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Subject: Been making changes to the site.

Category: Feedback

Posted: 12-26-19 9:34 AM - Views: 458

By: Jt

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Have you noriced the new changes to the site? Photo presentation much better now along with its metadata. Also changed a few colors themes. What do you think ?

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Reply from Walter Schoeffthaler on 05-19-20 4:39 PM

Still best regards from Norway, Jorge!

Reply from Walter Schoeffthaler on 01-24-20 2:03 AM

Yes, I have noticed the changes and I like it, especially the mata-data underneath the image, which gives a lot of information about shooting-data.
Very good, Jorge . I am impressed how you keep up the "stamina" of always look for a better solution to everything.

Thank you very much, Jorge - even tough I am seldom in here, since I've switched to another brand (FujiFilm) 5 years ago - but I try to keep up with some new images
Best regards from Norway!

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