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Subject: Trying to contact (open) ...

Category: Feedback

Posted: 11-5-20 1:55 AM - Views: 29

By: Walter Schoeffthaler

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Hei Jorge!

I am trying to open to upload a few images - but there is no reaction. I am afraid that you finally have closed down this, unfortunately very little frequented site ...?
I am not complaining, because I have seen that there is almost no "business" on Fujifilm-images, and have not been for some time. So, I understand if you have shut down there - I only want to know for sure.

Best regards,


Member of and

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Reply from Walter Schoeffthaler on 11-8-20 4:46 AM

Thank you for the 'Heads Up' Jorge - I appreciate your efforts to "keep the ship floating" !
Best regards form Norway - and KEEP SAFE!!

Reply from Jt on 11-5-20 9:51 AM

Thanks for the heads up. It was a code error that I forgoty to check.



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