Lance Blackburn posted ...

I would like to post more photos here but...

I would like to post more photos here but...

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Posted: 12-12-20 3:39 PM - Views: 69

By: Lance Blackburn

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I would like to post more photos here but as you have not kept up the lens list it makes it less desirable to do so. I now shoot almost exclusively with the Nikon Z cameras and lenses and none of the Z cameras or lenses are available to add to my lens list. This is rather frustrating as I like to show what I used.



Reply from Walter Schoeffthaler on 02-19-21 4:15 PM


As long as you don't erase / delete the EXIF thats incorporatet in the image you load up, the lens should - ideally - automatically show up, underneath the image on show. But, if you f. ex. resize your image before you load up, in the menu "Safe for Web" - then your EXIF data will be stripped from the image.
Best regards from Norway,

Reply from Lance Blackburn on 01-23-21 7:38 PM

Reply from Lance Blackburn on 01-23-21 7:33 PM

Are you saying that when I put up a photo that the lens is automatically added to the photo without the need to put it in? I will have to try that if that is the case. However, how do I get my lenses on my own personal lens list? I don't see any Nikon Z lenses on the list at all and there are a number of recent F mount lenses missing as well.

I have in the Nikon Z mount lenses:

24mm f1.8S

35mm f1.8S

50mm f1.8S

85mm f1.8S

14-30 f4S

14-24 f2.8S

24-70 f2.8S

24-70 f4S

70-200 f2.8S

Z 1.4xTC

Z 2x TC.

There are some that *may* fit the description on the list, but they are only listed as say NIKON 50MM F/1.8 and NIKON 50MM F/1.8AF and that could be any Nikon 50mm f1.8. The same with the NIKON 85MM F/1.8and there is also a NIKON 85mm F1/8 AF. It needs the S on the end to accurately describe the lens correctly.

The 70-200 f2.8E FL VR is in the 70mm category, when it should be in the 200mm category.

The 500mm f5.6 PF is not on the list.



Reply from Jt on 01-23-21 8:10 AM

send me a list of lenses you would like added. If its a new lens like the Z, it should be there automatically. only non nikon or non electronic lenses need adding manually.

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