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Nikon AFS 24mm f1.4G - Wide Open

Nikon AFS 24mm f1.4G - Wide Open

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Posted: 09-7-10 1:51 AM - Views: 4143

By: Ricardson Williams

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Just received mine AFS 24mm f1.4G.... I did some tests shots all in wide open.




Reply from Steve on 01-26-12 5:33 PM

I'm always impressed with the clarity in samples that I see from this lens and these shots are no different. I've read some owners say that it's good but nothing special. I think it is fairly special since Nikon hadn't released a good, wide, FX prime for such a long time. That said, I don't think it's worth the $2800 AUD price tag.
Reply from Michiel Faro on 12-13-10 2:17 PM

That 24G is awesome (and a bit obese, though not too heavy)! Same for the 35G (almost as good as the 24G) and the 85G.

The only problem is that they look so much alike, particularly the two wide-angles... :-(

I've done pub shots wide open with the 24G, @ 3200 ISO with the D700 and was absolutely amazed at the level of detail, sharpness and tonal gradation, viewed at 100% across the frame. Just stunning!
Reply from Jt on 12-10-10 8:40 AM

Congrats! That is one incredible lens! You will be a very happy owner :)
Reply from Fadzly on 12-10-10 1:28 AM

Stunning shots guys, thanks for posting but I think all I can afford at the moment is just dropping my jaw at the sheer beauty of its performance, the price is way beyond my reach.
Reply from Jt on 10-17-10 8:42 PM

One more ...

Reply from Jt on 10-4-10 2:12 PM

I just bought one this week. Here is a sample shot wide open.

Reply from Ricardson Williams on 09-7-10 10:08 AM

Thanks guys!!!

Hi Larry,

I was close to buy ZF 21/2.8 but I'm still thinking about ZF 35/1.4 looks very nice lens.
Reply from Laurence Segil on 09-7-10 8:25 AM

Very impressive. Care to trade for a 28/1.4? (naw, just kidding, I love my Zeiss ZF.2 21/2.8 and the 28mm spacing works well between that and my ZF.2 35/2.0, the only reason I've been able to resist this lens. The newly announced Zeiss ZF 35/1.4 may be more than I can resist, however). Hope you will be posting more.
Reply from Jt on 09-7-10 7:40 AM

Stunning. Well worth the 2100.00
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