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Which is better looking?

By Jt

This one was scanned with the Minolta software.

This one was scanned with the VuuScan software

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Reply from James Khoo on 05-24-11 7:40 PM tone natural
Reply from Octavianus Phatracharukul on 05-19-11 1:48 AM

I Like the Minolta one.
Reply from John G Jungkeit on 12-31-10 2:16 PM

the verdict is in.....
Reply from Roberto Calamaco on 12-28-10 7:51 PM

The minolta
Reply from Stephen Bell on 12-26-10 11:01 AM

the first one
Reply from Per on 11-17-10 7:28 AM

The first one. Looks more natural.
Reply from David on 11-15-10 9:37 AM

Like most people I go for number 1.
Colors are top notch. :)
Reply from Michael on 11-14-10 3:12 PM

I like the first one more. It looks more natural.
Reply from Nilesh on 11-13-10 4:37 AM

the first one looks better - colours are more saturated
Reply from Martyn on 11-12-10 1:53 PM

The top image looks best to me.
Reply from Xinglai on 11-10-10 11:18 PM

The first one is a bit warmer. Looks more natural.
Reply from Ray on 11-9-10 7:14 PM

Definitely the top Minolta scan.
Reply from Niki Rodriguez on 11-9-10 1:25 PM

the first one
Reply from Zach Blake on 11-7-10 7:01 AM

I personally prefer the top, more saturated version. Which is truer to the scene?
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