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Subject: Capture NX2 on Windows 7?

Category: Technical

Posted: 02-26-11 6:50 AM - Views: 2517

By: Bob Evans

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Hi All,
Does anyone know if Capture NX2 V2.2.4 will run on Windows 7 Home Premium?
It's running fine now on Vista Home Premium, and I'm looking to upgrade that machine to W7
Thanks all - Love this Site!!
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Reply from Bob Evans on 03-3-11 4:09 PM

Thanks fo ryour responses! I did load W7 on my machine, and it is working fine with Capture NX2, View NX2, and Transfer NX2
Reply from Martin Tian on 02-26-11 8:42 PM

i'm using it on my win7 ultimate 64 bit, with no problem at all. of course it is running in 32bit mode.
Reply from Vidal Smith Jr on 02-26-11 4:41 PM

I have installed it on my computer with no problem
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