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F6 Owners Club :)

F6 Owners Club :)

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Posted: 05-2-11 9:55 PM - Views: 1559

By: Jt

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If you're an F6 owner, chime in :) It's truly one of the best if not the best 35mm SLR in existence.

Here is a rear view of my F6 :)



Reply from Jt on 05-3-11 12:05 PM

Reply from Zach Blake on 05-3-11 8:13 AM

Your shot is artsy and with nice colors. Mine looks like a bad ebay for sale image....

Just noticed all the film on my desk that needs to be developed (and the pushed to 6400 roll!). Man I need to get some of my todo's done.
Reply from Jt on 05-3-11 7:22 AM

Now I feel I need a better shot of my F6 :(
Reply from Zach Blake on 05-3-11 5:56 AM

I'm in. Sorry abut the quality of the shot, still life is not one of my strong points.....
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