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Zeiss ZF.2 50mm f/1.4

Zeiss ZF.2 50mm f/1.4

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Posted: 05-30-11 7:07 PM - Views: 4409

By: Ricardson Williams

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Hi Guys,

I need some advise, about 50mm f/1.4. I saw some reviews that shows this lens is not so good if compare with Nikon AFS 50mm f/1.4 or same IQ as D version... this is true?



Reply from Ricardson Williams on 07-4-11 6:19 PM

nice shot Donuss! I like the lens more than Nikon version..... how you did the focus? using LV?
Reply from Donat Nussbaumer on 06-17-11 10:38 PM

I Have the ZF2 50mm 1.4
im very happy ok by 1.4 its a little soft but when you go to 2.0 its allready great
Reply from Ricardson Williams on 06-16-11 12:40 PM

I did a shot with 50mm at f1.4

Reply from Ricardson Williams on 06-3-11 6:31 PM

yuriylux, thank you! I received mine and and if you f/1.4 at infinity of a bit far from the subject the results are very good....
Reply from Yuriy Kruzhnov on 06-2-11 3:56 AM

If you have aperture priority 1,4-2,0, the Nikkor AF-S 50/1.4G- best choice. Planar 50/1.4 ZF.2, the aperture 2,8 - 8 - provides an excellent sharpness of letting a very nice color. On the open hole - it works like a monocle, a very romantic image. I think the Planar is better suited for landscapes and still lifes.
Reply from Ricardson Williams on 05-31-11 10:37 AM

Thank you Zeiss Man, I think I will try this lens this week.
Reply from Jt on 05-31-11 9:29 AM

Although a great lens, it's definitely not the best form Zeiss. However, it yields great contrast and color.
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