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Subject: Gigapixel Images

Category: Photography

Posted: 06-17-11 6:13 AM

By: Daniel Richter

Here you can find my Gigapixel photos...

[url] (German and English)

all shoot with the Nikon D300
lens most time Nikkor 70-300mm sometimes the 85mm

like too know what you think of these images

have fun looking at them

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Reply from Daniel Richter on 06-17-11 1:47 PM

one image consist normally of 1500-2000 photos... stitching them altogether (with Ptgui) you get such a big images... I'm photographing at the edge of physics, more resolution is not necessary because the quality will go down...
Reply from Jt on 06-17-11 7:57 AM

That is simply amazing! The detail captured in those images are mind boggling! I would love to try this some time. How is it done?
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