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From D3S to D700

From D3S to D700

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Posted: 07-5-11 1:15 PM - Views: 1533

By: Jt

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Once again I have moved from a D3S to a D700 :) The D3S is king but at the cost of being big. So I moved on to a price :) the D700 which is a much more manageable size and closer to an F6. None the less, this is the 2nd time I do this :)


Reply from Phil Cousins on 07-23-11 10:50 AM

I went from a D80 to D200 to D2x to D90 as I found the previous bodies too big especially the D2x. I dumped it when I released I just was nt taking it away from home because of its size and weight. I m much happier with the D90 and especially D7000 I now use and have nt found anything I cant shoot with them.
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