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Subject: Would you go from D3S to next generation camera?

Category: General Discussion

Posted: 07-26-11 7:21 AM

By: Jt

Just curious. The D3S renders such wonderful image that I was thinking how many would actually move to a next generation camera if it Only offered 16 or 24 MP with similar results as the D3S. I don't think I would personally move from 12 to 16 but 24 may sound tempting.

What are your thoughts?

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Reply from John Crane on 08-20-11 9:52 AM

No, because there's no need for me to do so. If the need arises because of some killer feature in a new camera - besides more MP's - that would earn me more money, then I might reconsider. But it would be a business decision, not a gear indulgence. The D3s is a more than profitable tool to use and the need to "always have the best" is a fools gambit I opted out of years ago. As far as 12mp's vs. 24 mp's, I've not been able to compare head-to-head the same shot (same light, lens, etc) made with the D3s vs. D3x, but when I look at a D3s image made with a prime, upsampled to the same pixel dimensions as a D3x I'm stunned at how clean and beautiful the file is. No need for more MP's here.
Reply from James Khoo on 07-27-11 3:12 AM

I love my d3s as it is now. I am concerned abt the heaviness of it. Recently i bought the fuji x100 and i am amazed with its results. I definetley will opt for a lighter system provided it doest not compromise my d3s quality.
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