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Nikon D3S

Nikon D3S

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Posted: 07-27-11 2:16 PM - Views: 1954

By: Jt

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I find this camera to be outstanding. It renders files that are just superb. Low light capabilities are top notch and performance is paramount. The only drawback is it's weight.



Reply from Philip Higgins on 09-6-11 5:42 AM

I shoot with a D3 & D700 on FX but didn't feel the need to move onto the S version as my existing bodies more than meet and fill my current requirements.
Reply from Jt on 08-23-11 9:27 AM

Well, in a few hours we should know if the D3S gets a replacement.
Reply from John Crane on 08-20-11 9:31 AM

I've owned this camera since February of 2010, just before leaving on my first trip to Haiti. The D3s is everything I could ever wish a digital camera to be. Though some bemoan its weight, I don't find it substantially more than other DSLR's and is on par with "pro build" DSLR's. This minor cost for such a robust, feature-packed professional precision instrument is happily paid. The list of attributes and features of this camera is far beyond the scope of a brief post like this, but a few things stand out: being able to voice record when shooting is a huge plus for me, eliminating the need to "remember," and be able to simply focus on shooting. For PJ purposes, the addition of video is nice to have when you need it. The camera is an ergonomic dream inspiring one to constantly have it in-hand and ready. Its low-light capacity is second to none inspiring confidence that one can get any shot required. Fast focusing, second-to-none image quality producing deep, rich files that, when shot RAW, facilitate nearly endless interpretations of the same data in post. No need for more MP's for me... any well-shot file is easily upsampled to 6K x4K if necessary with minimal or no IQ penalty. I'd have to make an awfully large print to exceed the quality capability of these 12 million pixels. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely.
Reply from Min Chai on 07-31-11 7:07 PM

My dream machine.. saving the dough drop by drop.... :)
Reply from James Khoo on 07-28-11 2:09 AM

Very robust indeed...performed well all the time..in the heat of the desert, the icy cold of winter, at volcanic mountain, the salty sea and actually everywhere that i have been. Nikon services centre here does agreat job in cleaning it for me. Iso quality unmatched.
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