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Subject: Recomadation for backpacking trip

Category: General Discussion

Posted: 08-17-11 10:18 PM

By: Atle Riska


Im going for backpacking trip to Croatia for 3 week. Dont want the backpack to be to heavy so i just wondring what glass you will bring with you. I have a Nikon D 700 a 14-24, a 50 mm, a 24-70 and a 70-300. Any proposition for what to bring, wondring to take only the 50 mm or 24-70.

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Reply from John Crane on 08-20-11 9:35 AM

What Galen Rowell did: take a wide and a mid-level tele. This is always a difficult decision but I've finally settled on the 17-35 and the 105VR. If I can throw in the 50/1.4D I do as well. I used to "bring it all," but my knees and back can't handle that much weight any more. Have fun!
Reply from Atle Riska on 08-19-11 11:06 AM

Ty for answare, but i think im falling down one my 24-70 f 2.8, maybe the small 50 f 1.4 D for night shoot ( not that heavy that one )
Reply from Jt on 08-19-11 10:54 AM

Oh man. I am doing a trip in 1 week that will require a 40lb backpack without camera stuff. I love my Nikon but may end up taking the X100 instead because of weight. I have a D3S (heavy)

In all honesty with the D700, I would leave the 14-24 at home and take a 50mm, 28mm 2.8 ais and an 85 or 105mm. This would cover what I would typically shoot.
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