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Recommended books on photogpaphy

Recommended books on photogpaphy

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Posted: 08-25-11 11:18 AM - Views: 1404

By: Nilesh

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What are some of the good books recommended on photogrpahy ?

Am planning to buy the following -

a. Ansel Adams - The Camera
b.Bryan Peterson - Understanding exposure

Looking for something specific to composition and portrait also

Would welcome suggestions


Reply from Russ Butner on 12-5-11 11:18 PM

Zen In The Art Of Archery, by Eugene Herrigal.
Reply from Min Chai on 08-30-11 6:44 PM

Hi Nilesh,
To answer that I will recommend you to read "The Practical Zone System for film and digital photography" by Chris Johnson.. It is more comprehensive and give you a better insight .. Well I don't mean to say the Trilogy by Ansel Adam is bad , It is just too much of books to negotiate through.. And buying only "The Camera" won't solves your problem.
In short , the basic funda behind the exposure are:- 1) pre visualization : - means you should have the mental picture of the final image before you press the shutter
2) Capture the image with as much data as you can in sensor, ( Thus lately I notice this theory of expose to right but do not over expose propagated ) So later on you can play with your image in as many creative possibilities
3) Processing : - whether it be wet or dry .. theory remains the same .. Tones and tonalities.. For better understanding , Start viewing B/W images , Convert you few pictures in B/W..( Well I am still struggling in B/W ...LOL)
In nutshell , Exposure starts in head till get printed .. Be aware of the fact , it not confined to only what camera takes... It way beyond that

Reply from Nilesh on 08-30-11 9:53 AM

Hi mcliu,

Thanks for the recommendations. Ken Rockwell also praises the book by Bruce Barnbaum. Will check out the other two books by Micheal Freeman and Photographic composition .
Are the Ansel Adams books on Negative and Print more towards film photogrpahy or are they also relevant for digital ?
Reply from Min Chai on 08-29-11 6:09 PM

Hi Nilesh,
about Ansel Adam I will like to suggest you to buy his "The Negative" and "The Print ".. Actually it is a kind of trilogy for complete understanding of "zone system".
Recently I read " Within the frame" by David duChemin.. love it..more like a discussion on composition and feel in picture.
Another excellent book is "The art of photography" by Bruce ..
For book on composition ,I may suggest you to go for "The photographer's Eye " by Micheal Freeman or "Photographic Composition - A visual Guide" by Richard D. Zakia and David A. Page.
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