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Subject: I have created a new website

Category: General Discussion

Posted: 08-26-11 2:53 PM

By: Jt

[size=14]New Site[/size]
Have you ever needed a trustworthy recommendation by someone you know for something local?

I have been working on a new site] that solves the above problem. Please give it a try and let me know what you think.

Please add local businesses and review them as you see fit and then connect with your friends and work colleagues. Feel free to promote your own business/service as well if you have one.

Unlike all other social networking sites the emphasis is on local reviews of services, places, shops, banks, schools etc by people you actually know and trust so they are reliable. It’s free to use, its local and it’s not going to force you through pages of unnecessary mumbo jumbo or annoy you with pop-ups or unnecessary advertising. I am working hard to make it straight forward and simple to use.

The site is in beta now and I will be developing services over the coming weeks. Remember, this is local, simple, quick and of course FREE.

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Reply from Jt on 08-30-11 8:20 PM

Good point. Since it is in beta mode now, I a launching with US registrations for the time being. It should expand beyond that soon to include Europe.
Reply from Jens on 08-28-11 3:26 PM

Perhaps you should mention that this website is limited to the country of USA.

Europe, Denmark
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