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24-120 F/4

24-120 F/4

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Posted: 09-2-11 6:01 AM - Views: 2114

By: Nilesh

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With my D700 my current lens set includes the following -

a.Nikkor 80-400 mm F 4.5/5.6
b.Nikkor 18-35 F 3.5/4.5
c. Nikkon 50 F 1.4D

I am now on the verge of purchasing a mid range zoom and have finalised on 24-120 mm AFS F/4 VR.

Any recommendation on the lens ?


Reply from Russ Butner on 12-5-11 1:04 PM

I sampled both versions of the Nikon 24-120 lenses, and found them to be a bit soft. I eventually settled on the Tamron SP 24-135 glass, and I'm quite satisfied with it. It focuses very closely too.

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Reply from Russ Butner on 12-5-11 1:01 PM

I sampled numerous versions of both Nikon 24-120 lenses. I found them all to be a bit soft. I eventually snagged a Tamron SP 24-135 lens, and am very satisfied with it. It also focuses very closely too.

Quiet Light Photo

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Reply from Hank Hirschfeld on 11-4-11 6:09 AM

I think you will love it. If you only need one lens, this will do it. Since the D700 is full frame, cropping can make this emulate at least a 240mm! I shot a lot during the day at ISO200 and with a polarizing filter attached.
Reply from Bob on 10-27-11 11:41 AM

Just ordered this lens as I decided the only way to find out the truth was to try it myself because the reviews were conflicting each other. Hope it will be better than my 24-85 3.5/4.5 afs which is very good.

Reply from Hank Hirschfeld on 10-26-11 8:45 PM

This lens got so-so reviews. I just returned from Italy and used it 98% of the time. I loved it. A great general lens, good range, fast and the VR. Go to my, all the recent Italian shots were with the 24-120 lens on a D700.
Reply from Phil Cousins on 09-2-11 9:27 AM

Good review of it here by a working pro rather than a journalist ( also compares it to other excellent Nikon lenses). The guy does excellent and comprehensive reviews and buys his own stuff so is nt biased.
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