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New D700

New D700

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Posted: 10-14-11 7:09 AM - Views: 4853

By: Nikon Images

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This is a meaningless post. However, my local store in Portland (Pro Photo) has 8 D700's in stock with a two week return policy. I picked one up yesterday and have not even opened it just in case the announcement is another flop. I played with the store demo at the store and all I can say is that camera is solid and no other camera maker builds a camera like the D700 in that class. As if I did not know that already. I have only had about three of them Anyway, I am really tempted to just go with it for now.


Reply from Philip.f. Higgins on 11-9-11 10:53 AM

Well I don't think you will be disappointed with it.
I have one I use along side my D3 D2x & S5pro.
It has certainly bagged me some good images recently.
And even if a replacement does come along eventually it doesn't suddenly become a bad camera.
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