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Is iMac a good choice for photography?

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Is iMac a good choice for photography?

Category: Photography

Posted: 11-27-11 11:22 PM - Views: 1850

By: Martin Tian

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Hello there, I am thinking about upgrading my monitor (or even the whole system to Mac) for photography use. I know that the screen is important to photographers, but i didn't realize the extreme importance until I learnt the some advanced methods to edit color in photoshop. Now I always do post process to get the tone that I desired. Just after this, some photographers began to comment that my photos are kind of weird in terms of color. I definitely agree with that after I viewed my photos on different PCs.

My current monitor is a HannsG (Hannspree) 28" model. I purchased it when I knew nothing about photography and monitors. It sucks.

So, could you please give me some suggestions on an iMac v.s a good PC monitor? How many of you guys are using iMac for photography? How is that? I've heard both positive and negative news about the iMac's performance on photography, so i just got confused.

Thank you very much.


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Reply Nr.3 from Bob on 11-29-11 4:41 AM


You are welcome. Glad you had a solution lurking in the garage.

Reply Nr.2 from Martin Tian on 11-29-11 12:52 AM

Thank you very much Bob. I know the color space difference and i always transform the adobe to sRGB in post process. I did try to calibrate my monitor, but the result was so weird that i gave up. btw, in the beginning, i ignored most of the comments about the color of my photos as I thought that many people are using uncalibrated monitors. I finally realized my bias when two pro-level photographers asked me if my monitor has been calibrated.

however, i realized that i have another monitor, which is an HP L2445m. I used to leave it in the garage as i have the 28 inches HannsG. I plugged it on and calibrated it as much as i could, and the result seemed to be pretty good. I compared the result to Mac and some prints from photolab(i work in a camera store, which has calibrated pro printers), and found that they are much more closer in terms of color, brightness, temperature, contrast, etc.
My HannsG failed on calibration, anyway.

Thank you very much for your help, Bob. I really appreciate it. I think i will save up for D800/D4 then.

Reply Nr.1 from Bob on 11-28-11 8:38 PM

Hi Martin

Have you colour calibrated your monitor? If you haven't, then you might want to try that before investing in a new monitor. For that matter were the other peoples monitors calibrated? The colour space you use in posting to the web can also make a difference too.

I think one could spend huge amounts on a monitor and still not get a good result if it is not calibrated before use and occasionally afterwards. When I looked for a new monitor to replace my old Philips CRT I did a little research on the net. As a result I purchased a HP ZR22w to go with my new PC setup and have been satisfied with it after calibrating it. At least nobody has commented that my colours are kind of weird, so far that is.

I am not an expert but I also think that it is difficult to get several different monitors to display colour exactly the same way. OTH the difference should not be glaringly apparent. Managing colour can be pretty confusing and for the most part I am still confused about it myself so you have company there.

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