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Subject: Nikon Software

Category: NikonImages Documentation

Posted: 01-19-12 4:57 AM

By: Phil Cousins

Just for the Nikon guys sorry Canonites :-)

Just found this program that has hacked the Nikon firmware ( camera operating system ) so you can do clever things by hooking up to your laptop pc tablet etc.

The major thing I m impressed with is that it can use the camera focusing system to produce a focus stack automatically and in fine increments.

The other amazing thing for what appears to be a very professional program is its very very cheap. $20 full price but if you put in a code "Jan2012" at the checkout its half price so only cost me £7-97 last night. This offer is only for this month.

Note I have nt used it yet been too busy but there are youtube videos

theres also a similar program for utilizing the camera video functions if your into that at the same price.

Anyone else used it or have any comments? I ll report back once I ve had a play myself, I though at the price its was worth a shot!

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