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just a silly question about shooting films...

just a silly question about shooting films...

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Posted: 03-4-12 12:08 AM - Views: 1240

By: Martin Tian

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hi guys, i am a noob on films. I just need some help from my kind friends on

I realized that my film photos are suffering from some "dust like" stuff. It is hard to explain how they look like, but every single photo under my F90X collection clearly shows the problem. I don't know whether they are just dust or cotton that used for drying the negatives. I noticed that film photo you guys uploaded are crystal clean and clear, so i think there must be something wrong with my procedure. I will list some details about my gears and processing for you to check if there is anything wrong.

Cameras: Nikon F90X, FM
Films: Kodak Gold 100, 200, Ultra Max400
Processing: Three different photography stores in Canada. all three rolls got the same problem.
Scanner: Epson V500(home)

probably it is just some dust fell on the negatives when i was cutting and installing them for scanning. if this is the case, how did you guys get rid of the dust?

Thanks a lot for your time!



Reply from Martin Tian on 03-9-12 8:21 AM

Thanks JT. I found the problem. My V500 has ICE as well, but what I used to do is turn on ICE before preview. i just realized that the ice box would be unchecked automatically after preview. Now i am fine with the scanning. Thank you very much.
Reply from Jt on 03-7-12 8:08 PM

My scanner has ICE which cleans up dust and scratches. It is a must have if you dont want to spend hours cleaning your scans.
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