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Subject: Lots of detail in that 36MP sensor :)

Category: General Discussion

Posted: 03-22-12 4:18 PM

By: Jt

now look at the little hair on the spoon.

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Reply from Zach Blake on 03-26-12 6:18 PM

WOW, WOW, WOW! I should have known you would have placed some shots up with the new heavy gun! Congrat's on the new toy!
Reply from Martin Tian on 03-23-12 11:08 PM

ahhhh, truly amazing. can't wait for mine, but still have to. I played with canon 5D Mk3 today, and I'd say it is pretty good as well. i just wish nikon could produce enough D800 asap, so that i can get my employee special order soon.
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