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Subject: Sell your photos !

Category: News

Posted: 09-12-12 7:10 PM - Views: 2096

By: Jt

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I will be implementing a new feature to allow members of the site to sell their images directly from here. Since this is a new feature that is being worked on now, I would like your feedback regarding what you would like to see in the new selling feature. Your input is highly regarded and will be highly taken into consideration.
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Reply from Corcoran Photo on 02-8-13 3:33 PM

BTW. Fine Art America is an absolute NIGHTMARE. Navigating website, downloading pics, etc is an horrible maze. Will take forever to setup galleries.
Reply from Corcoran Photo on 02-8-13 3:30 PM

Great idea. Would be extremely popular!
Reply from Leroy Harvey on 09-13-12 3:42 PM

When you say 'sell' your photos, you mean print copies of the photos? I assume you don't mean sell rights to the actual image itself. Do you means something like what fineartamerica.com does or 500px?
Reply from Leon on 09-13-12 10:14 AM

Interesting. Will be a nice feature. You should make available small medium and large prints, and also maybe x-large prints for ad agencies and the like. Price points I cannot comment on as I have no idea how people sell prints online.

Only drawback is that your site is really fun, but if it goes to a commercial type site you may lose that

Good luck with your venture.


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