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Market is back

By Jorge Torralba

[size=17]The Market is Back[/size][size=15 After a short hiatus, the Market is back online with some minor improvements. You can get to it from the top menu.[/size]


Reply from Jorge Torralba on 02-8-13 9:14 AM
Wow, that has to be TAX. that is insane !!! The camera has 3600 clicks on it.
Reply from Walter Schoeffthaler on 02-6-13 12:00 PM
The difference between your price of $ 5.000,- and the price of $ 7.950,- in Norway, would almost cover a round-trip plane ticket Norway - USA - Norway. How many actuations are on the shutter?
Walter from Norway
Reply from Walter Schoeffthaler on 02-6-13 11:56 AM
Yeah! Found your D4 too. Would not mind having one, but cash-flow is kind of dry right now. Not bad a price too. Costs the equivalent of $ 7.950,- new in Norway!
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