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Subject: THEME-color changes ever time I get in here..!

Category: Feedback

Posted: 05-23-13 12:33 PM - Views: 1141

By: Walter Schoeffthaler

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Hi Torralba - or to whom it may concern..

In another thread I was praising this new Photo Browser (view all photos as a film-strip) and how clean and pristine its GUI is for displaying ones pictures, f. ex. to a (potential) client. I like my THEME desktop-color to be gray, because I think it is a nice and neutral "color" that does not take away any attention from the picture itself.

And I am proud of this, and have brought this snappy function to the attention to some of my fellow-members at a Norwegian Photo-Forum. But lately this THEME-color changes to WHITE, every time I come back in here!

And subsequently, customers (to whom I send a link to view my pictures) also get the WHITE Theme.

How can I keep my own choice of gray, every time my pictures are presented to either myself og to a client of mine? It worked before, but since a week or so this change has taken place.

Thank you, and best regards from Norway!

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Reply from Walter Schoeffthaler on 05-25-13 7:56 AM

Thank you Jorge, for your explanation. This helps me understanding a few things here.
Well - no site is perfect straight from the start. We all have to learn to crawl before we can run! (old and wise saying in Norway, and probable in other places around the world too!).

Anyway - I must say that I am impressed with all the new functions and new set-up and enhancement of the GUI, which is getting better and better - and also much better looking as well - every time I sign in here.

Now the latest "news" I have just discovered is the new look in the "Hall Of Fame" - which is absolutely perfect!

Just thought you want to know, Jorge. Thank you very much for your effort in making this a better and nicer place to be in. I just wish that members become more involved in the Forum as well. It would be nice to create at certain "buddy-atmosphere" in here, where we photographers could exchange new ideas and tips of the trade!

Good luck, and - again - Thank you!!
Best regards from Norway,
Reply from Jt on 05-23-13 3:22 PM

the default theme is gray. so anyone visiting will get gray.

I have to fix a bug. When you set the theme from the menu you have to do it twice. I will get that fixed. But, that should not affect anyone visiting for the first time since they will get gray.
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