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Subject: More changes

Category: How To & Suggestions

Posted: 06-11-13 12:58 PM

By: Jt

I thought this is would be a good a time to bring you up to date on some updates to the site which I hope you will find useful. Below are some highlights not in any particular order of importance.

Comments have changed. Underneath the photo page you now see user profile pictures of people who have liked the photos then followed by the comments. This has really cleaned up the layout of comments quite a bit.

Underneath the Home page Hall of Fame photo, there are other tiny thumbs from additional Hall of Fame photos. This gives other photographers more exposure.

On the home page, you have the most recent photos displayed as thumbnails, just like before. However, now below that section is a new grid of square thumbnails which represent the 48 most recently “Liked” photos.

There are two additional color themes added to the site. We now have “Midnight” and “Sand”. I personally like “Sand” the best. It s is easy on the eyes and very subtle in contrast. You can select the color themes from the top menu bar option “Layout Options”.

The biggest change is the thumbnail presentation. You now have a choice of viewing thumbnails in their “Original Format” or “Symmetrical” The symmetrical layout is very nice in that it gives you an evenly spaced grid of square thumbnails. I suggest you give this a try and look at the Hall of Fame photos this way for a god visual representation of the square format.

Most layout changes can be set from the “Layout Options” menu. These include, the color theme, thumbnail format, the ability to zoom or jump to the photo and the display order of thumbnails.

I hope you find these enhancements useful and they make your experience on the site more enjoyable.


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Reply from Walter Schoeffthaler on 06-13-13 11:22 AM

Thank you, Jorge.

'My Film Roll' on the drop-down menu (Gallery) is a nice addition to the many ways of browsing through the many photos I have uploaded here. Very neat, clean and fast. Just what I was looking for. In my opinion this is THE function that makes all the difference.

A BIG "Thank You", Jorge.
Best regards from Norway
Reply from Jt on 06-12-13 11:59 AM

Thank you Walter for the kind words.

Some clarification and changes just for you :)

"My Photos" shows you all of your photos with some additional options. It shows you private photos, it shows some additional menu options on the bottom of the photos. If you hover over those little icons, a message will show what they do. But mainly you can Delete, Set privileges for private photos and Set a photo as your profile picture. There is no "Film Roll" option in this view. It is basically just a raw view of your photos and data.

If you want to See your photos with the "Film Roll" options or Slide show, and essy way for you to do that is click on the link "Photos" next t your profile picture on the very top right of the page.

Finally, I have added "My Film Roll" to the drop down menu under Gallery so you can get there easily as well.

Hope this helps.
Reply from Walter Schoeffthaler on 06-12-13 11:18 AM

Thank you Jorge!
You are really making this site a gem to watch and a good place to show off your photos. I like the changes and the options one can choose. There is one thing that puzzles me, however.

When I have 'jumped' to one of my photos, there besides my own Avatar I have 4 options where I can choose "View COMPLETE gallery from Walter2" + "view all photos by Walter2 as film-strip of larger images" + send Walter2 a message + click to remove filter...

But When viewing "My Photos" (selecting from the drop-down menu on the second halve of the "Gallery"-menu
I am getting all my photos in miniatures, on a grit of 4 across (with) and 20 in hight (I guess I chose this once but I dont remember), BUT WITH NOTHING ON THE TOP, no additional functions like the "view photos as film-strip of larger images"-option or "view all photos by Walter2 in a slide-show"-function.

I would like to be able to chose at least this phenomenal and beautiful function of "view photos as film-strip of larger images", which I think is the best thing on this site. I regularly send a link to this option for some of my clients to see, nd they all come back and say "what a neat way of browsing through good photos!" "Such a nice and uncluttered page and undisturbed view", etc. etc

Best regards,

Hope I did not mess up my request with mumble-jumble English...!

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