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New Nikon DF

By Jorge Torralba

[size=18][color=red]A new Nikon in 4 days[/color] is coming our way! Ready for our wonderful manual focus glass, a new digital FM styled camera with analog dials and pentaprism is coming our way.

Read more about it HERE

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Reply from Jorge Torralba on 11-4-13 10:06 AM
I love the black version. It looks more balanced.
Reply from Qbert on 11-4-13 9:51 AM
Some new pics of the silver version.
Reply from Qbert on 11-3-13 7:48 PM
I cant wait to see one of these. I have a FM, FM2 and a crappy FM10.

The reports suggest it will ship with a 50 1.8G.
Why a G version on this body that is capable of using lenses with an aperture ring??
I use my older, even the AIS lenses on the D800 all the time. Would seem fitting to include a manual lens?

But what I have always wanted is a digital back for my F2A!
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