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Why the change of interface?

Why the change of interface?

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Posted: 11-15-13 5:05 AM - Views: 812

By: Walter Schoeffthaler

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Why do you keep changing the lay-out and interface of this site all the time, Jorge? Every time I come in here, there is something new and changed, and not always for the better.

For a long time now I used to see to my own pictures via the menu "My" and then "My Photos (with options)" , in order to check all the thumbnails for how many views I had and how many comments - if any. This is basic and interesting information for every photographer.

There it was, all my pictures (thumbnails) in neat columns and rows, perfect overview of all pictures and beneath ever thumbnail - nice and tidy - the information I was interested in. Number of views and comments.

Not any more! The graphic interface from this menu is exactly the same as if I click on my own Avatar. And where is the "(with options)" from the menu? What options?

If I want to see how many views / comments each picture has, I now have to move the cursor across each thumbnail. Not only that, but I cannot cross sideways over several thumbnails ("the mouse move"-function does not engage) and activate this hidden information. I have to move the mouse-cursor OUT of the thumbnail-boundaries and in again on the next thumbnail to be able to see. This is not seamless viewing.

Best regards from,
Walter in Norway


Reply from Walter Schoeffthaler on 11-16-13 1:33 PM

Thank you, Jorge, for your effort in pleasing everybody. I know, that I can be a "pain in the a**" sometimes. Anyway - thank you for putting it right.

Best regards,
Reply from Jt on 11-15-13 8:56 AM


The changes were made because people mentioned all the info was too distracting. However, after reading your post, I have changed the display of "My Photos" to be like before.

I will work on giving users the option to select how they want to display the images.

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