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Played with the Df tday

Played with the Df tday

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Posted: 11-27-13 6:56 PM - Views: 968

By: Nikon Images

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My NPS order for the Df arrived today. Pior to accepting I decided to play with the display version they had which was the chrome one.

First impressions. Not for me. Too small and light for my big hands. I am 6'2 and weigh 215 lbs. So, this camera is too small for me to hold comfortably. The feel was very toyish and not what I had expected. That is not to say it is a bad camera. After all, having the same sensor as the D4 I would expect images just as good from the Df as from the D4. The metal dials feel hollow and plastic My overall impression was that this is felt like a toy camera. I then picked up an FM2 that was in the store and thought to myself, if only thy had ........

I spoke with a friend who picked up the black version. He told me his feelings were the same regarding the feel of the chrome version but the black one felt different and did not have a cheepish look and feel to it.

On the plus side, the view finder was very bright ad easy to focus with. The lack of the micro prism or split screen will probably be addressed in future releases but I would not be concerned about it now since the view finder was large and bright enough to feel confident of the focus.

That's it.

Oh, I decided against it and forfeited it to the person on the waiting list.


Reply from Walter Schoeffthaler on 11-30-13 12:53 PM

Interesting thoughts, Jorge. Thank you!

A friend of mine is awaiting his long time pre-ordered Df delivery any day now. Do you know how much this DF with the 50mm costs here in Norway? You have to shell out NOK 25.385,- which equals to approx. $ 4.029,- (fourthousand US-Dollars !!!) to be one of th first to hold this camera.

I am very torn in my feelings towards this Df concept, and I am not sure if Nikon is really marketing a very good, new and no-nonsense camera, or is just trying to cash in on, and playing out an old trump-card (memories of the the FM2) with the DF.

I am certainly not interested to be their guinea-pig, testing a new an terrible expensive camera for Nikon, look what happened to the D600! I really wish Nikon could re-start production of the famous D3s, may be with some new additions but use the same terrific High-ISO sensor that was in that camera. This all-time best camera is just a wet dream.

Best regards from Norway,
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