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Subject: See the full image

Category: How To & Suggestions

Posted: 12-2-13 9:55 AM - Views: 851

By: Jt

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[size=17]To really appreciate what some of these lenses are capable of, you need to see the uncompressed full size image. The best way to do this is to click on this icon http://zeissimages.com/images/fullsize.png on the top left of a photo. Here is an example taken with the 200mm f2 nikonimages.com/photo.php?link=http://www.nikonimages.com/gallery/532/U532I1381813614.SEQ.0.jpg CLICK HERE to view.[/size]
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Reply from Yuriy Kruzhnov on 12-5-13 5:43 AM

A very useful function. Thank you!
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