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Subject: Steve Mark gets published.

Category: News

Posted: 03-7-14 9:07 AM

By: Jt

[size=17]I am excited to let you know that our very own member and exceptional photographer Steve Mark also known as](shtarka1) has been featured in the April edition of "Iron Man" magazine. Steve has been capturing extraordinary images for years. This time 7 Images his friend Ron Harris on Pages 104 Through 112. have been featured. A big congrats to Steve from all of us at You can view Steve's wonderful images at

If you have story to share let us know so we can get the word out [/size]

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Reply from Qbert on 03-9-14 5:30 PM

Congratulations Steve !
Your images of Ron seen on this site are simply amazing. It's no surprise they were chosen for this special issue.
This is the ultimate form of recognition most of us strive for yet few will ever realize.
Thanks for sharing your work with us and keep the images coming.

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