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Subject: Lets Chat Part Two: High Resolution and using the D800

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Posted: 04-26-14 8:11 AM - Views: 815

By: Qbert

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I changed the intended topic for this installation but will revisit it later.

As you probably already know, I began shooting 35mm in the 70s when resolution was determined by your film selection, the final print size and a good lens of course. Negative films even at a low ASA (ISO) gave fairly good results where slide films that were generally low ISO, gave excellent results. To get the best results, we would use a tripod, select a slow slide film and very carefully frame the shot making sure everything was included and level. Cropping in the darkroom was only done when necessary. The original capture was also the intended final result.

Today with the digital resolutions between 12 ~ 36 and ISOs from 100 ~ 6400+
we generally get excellent printable resolution with increasingly more latitude for post processing.

With the introduction of the Nikon D-800 at 36mp on a full size FX sensor, some new shooting options have become available.
Mainly, While I routinely zoom out wider than the intended shot to insure room for rotation later, With the D800 I zoom out enough to allow both horizontal and vertical crops to be taken from a single capture. Using this technique, I frequently can get three or more crops from the original capture without significant loss of resolution.
A welcome side effect of this is fewer frames on the CF card meaning faster uploads to the PC. If you soot RAW as I do this is significant.
Another, more talked about option, is being able to do drastic crops or 'digital zoom' I personally don't do this often, but have done 3:1 crops that looked as good as a full 12mp DX frame.
When doing post on these tighter crops, CA becomes much more evident, so don't forget to correct for it.

When I am sure I want the utmost resolution, I do take the extra time to do individual loosely framed shots but for general shooting, the above techniques work really well once you get in the habit of thinking about how you will crop in post.

That's all for now, maybe more to come.
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