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Posted: 10-23-14 8:10 PM - Views: 1548

By: Nikon Images

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[size=17]The doors have opened at and things are off to a great start. is a new site for buyers and sellers who are tired of the those high prices from auction sites and who want a market area just for photographers. Stop by and have a look[/size]

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Reply Nr.1 from Walter Schoeffthaler on 10-25-14 2:00 AM

Great site, Jorge. Looks like well organized pages. A bit "out of the way" for us from Europe though, because shipping / insurance ect. etc will be difficult to calculate. I wish I was living in the States, when it comes to prices on photographic equipment. If I would buy one of the used items here, customs in Norway would add 25% VAT onto both purchase sum + shipping costs on arrival...

Anyway, very good initiative, Jorge! I must again praise your ingenuity.

Best of luck with the CameraPeddler and greetings from "over here"!

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