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Subject: How to search the Forum for Df (Nikon Df camera)

Category: How To & Suggestions

Posted: 12-3-14 8:00 AM - Views: 1112

By: Walter Schoeffthaler

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Hi folks!

I am thinking about purchasing this wonderful camera with its very good D4-sensor. Some well kept used Df's are now coming to marked (could not afford a brand new one) making it more and more attractive.

I was trying to search the forum for any mentioning og discussions about the Df - but the search-engine would not oblige. I get this errormessage when I search for 'Df' alone:
quote: ... or your keywords are less than 3 characters long :unquote

The problem is that in order for the search-engine to function, it needs MORE than 2 letters (at least 3), but the name of the camera has only 2 letters!

If I use the seach-words "Nikon Df" the engine turns out EVERY post with "Nikon" in it - and thats quite a lot!

Best regards,
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Reply from Walter Schoeffthaler on 12-4-14 9:16 AM

Thank you Jorge, for your answer. Yes, I know about DF-pictures ( all by akemi-n and myself), I was looking for members own personal experience with this camera, but as you said, this forum is not the right place to look for it.

Regards from Norway!
Reply from Jt on 12-3-14 11:58 AM


this forum is pretty inactive. However, plenty of DF pictures :)

[url=]CLICK HERE[/url]
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