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Gallery Layout Changes

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Gallery Layout Changes

Category: General Discussion

Posted: 03-18-16 5:31 PM - Views: 1187

By: Nikon Images

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I am thinking of changing the way we present thumbnails on the gallery to be more informative.

Please have a look at this layout and let me know what your thoughts are. Do you prefer it to the standard layout now for thumbnails?

The new layout is consistent in size and shows more info about a photo.


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Reply Nr.3 from Nikon Images on 04-1-16 9:55 PM

I think I will close shop one day soon :(
Reply Nr.2 from Walter Schoeffthaler on 03-31-16 4:26 PM

Not much of a reaction and no feed-back here, Jorge. Whats the matter with people now a days? 3 actions on the poll and just 1 (ONE!!) reply. Because of change of systen (from Nikon to FujiFilm), I have actually moved - more or less - to the, where things are probably even worse than here. No community spirit or any social commitment there either...
Tzzzz, Tzzzz, what are people thinking...?
Best regards,
Reply Nr.1 from Walter Schoeffthaler on 03-20-16 8:01 AM

The new layout looks nice, Jorge! Good job!
Best regards,
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