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Nice improvement - New "Latest Comments" in List-View!!

Nice improvement - New "Latest Comments" in List-View!!

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Posted: 05-7-16 6:56 AM - Views: 5250

By: Walter Schoeffthaler

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Hi Jorge!
I really like what you have done to the 1st page / opening page, with this List-View of the latest comments on the lower page. I think this will increase popularity and awareness of what comments are for.

Another thing that has changed over the past week - for me, anyway - is the 'LIKE'-function, which is not working anymore!?!
I still get e-mail messages on my PC at home, announcing any 'LIKE' given to any of my photos, but when I check, there is no NOTHING that says so UNDERNEATH the image in question. Before there was an icon for every 'LIKE' received, where I could read the members name an thank him / her accordingly. Now I don't even know WHO gave the 'LIKE' unless i white down the name fom my e-mail message. The last such message I received was this one here - and I quote:
"Member ura has just liked one of your photos.
To view the photo and reply to the comment, please visit
To stop receiving email notifications when your photo is liked, edit your settings and uncheck "Send me notifications when someone likes my photo"
Thank you for being a member of" -
BUT, NOTHING is marked on or underneath my image...? What is happening?

In fact, ALL MEMBER-ICONS of earlier 'LIKES' on older images are gone and have dissappeared as well, go figure that out, Jorge?

* BTW - the same applies to - I think....not that I ever (or very, very rarely!!) get any 'Like' or comment there....

Have a nice Weekend!

Best regards from Norway!


Reply from Walter Schoeffthaler on 05-11-16 12:02 PM

Oh, O.K. its ones eyes that go blind first, is't it? Thanks for clearing that up for me. I realize that I am getting too old for this ever changing world. Turning 68 in a fort night... only 2 years to go before 70 ....!

Best regards,
Reply from Nikon Images on 05-7-16 8:37 PM

Walter, listing the individual likes was consuming a lot of space on the page and before you know it, it would look like a bunch of member photos. What I have done is added a text link that says "x Photographers have liked this photograph". If you click on that, you see all the details.
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