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How do I find my images?

How do I find my images?

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Posted: 07-26-17 3:50 AM - Views: 1264

By: Judy

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I've had an account for years and suddenly my password didn't work. After several tries, I signed up as a new user but now I don't have access to all my photos. Any suggestions on how to get into the old account? I'd like to share without uploading everything again. Thanks!


Reply from Walter Schoeffthaler on 07-27-17 7:23 AM

Hi, silverrand1940!
You can get your old account (and all your images) back, if you just send the owner of this site - Jorge TORRALBA - a message:
- where it says "Contact" on his profile, just click the "Send Message" and tell him your troubles. He will advise you and help you along! He did the same thing for me once.

Good luck!

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