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Aperture control with the camera - Zeiss 135mm f/2 Apo Sonnar T* ZF.2

Aperture control with the camera - Zeiss 135mm f/2 Apo Sonnar T* ZF.2

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Posted: 09-4-17 12:54 PM - Views: 2300

By: Walter Schoeffthaler

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Hi folks!
Question about my 135mm f/2 Apo Sonnar T* ZF.2 on Nikon D750:

I bought a used Zeiss 135mm f/2 Apo Sonnar T* ZF.2 for my Nikon D750 and cannot figure out HOW to activate the aperture control from within the camera by using the Sub-Control Dial on the front, to change the aperture.

In the Zeiss IUser Manual it says:
[i "This ensures metering compatibility with all current Nikon DSLRs. When locked at the smallest aperture (marked in orange colour), the aperture can be set on the camera with any current Nikon DSLR (just as with any AF lens that features an aperture ring). There's an unlock button on the lens to release the aperture ring and set the aperture on the lens instead" [/i

When my lens is set to its larges aperture-value (f/22) and locked there - as described in the manual - nothing happens when I turn the dial and the aperture remains on f/22, but when I MANUALLY turn the aperture-ring on the lens, the aperture changes accordingly, and the metering (in Aperture Priority Mode) is correct. The right aperture-value is shown in the contral-panel (on the camera-top) and in the viewfinder. Also all the right data is written into the EXIF.

I have also entered the right values into the camera's menu systen under "Non-CPU Lens data" and all that is working O.K.

Anyone has any ideas of what is wrong? How to go about?

I have to add that I also have a Carl Zeiss Planar 50mm f/1.4 ZF.2 which works just fine on my D750 with full aperture control by the Sub-Control Dial on the camera, when the aperture-ring is locked at the smallest aperture f/22 (marked in orange colour) as described in the user manual.

By the way, I also have the latest FirmWar Update on my D750.

Best regards,
Walter from Norway!


Reply from Walter Schoeffthaler on 09-21-17 5:27 AM

Found out that the CPU on this lens is faulty and has to be replaced by sending the lens for service / repair to Zeiss in Oberkochen in Germany
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