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🕐 02-18-19 6:46 AMmicpic069
Photo 100921
Yuri, I straightaway liked the direct involvement with the subject, you have captured a powerful portrait effectively isolated from background with great textural rendering and most importantly captured that expression ....suspicion.. slight hostility...maybe you chatted and dispelled any concerns.
was he a Chimey Sweep ?....amazed at quality with it being shot at 1/40 sec...the VR must be very effective.
🕐 02-15-19 2:31 PMphotosphere42
Veteran Cadillac 1
Nice. Looks like a 1949 caddy sedan.
🕐 02-14-19 1:45 PMchriseeo
Photo - 100916
True! An excellent lens. Along with the Canadian Summicron 50/2, and the Zeiss 50/1.4 T*. Also the Rollei Planar 50 HFT. Each with its own virtues. Thank you for commenting.
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