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🕐 08-13-18 11:15 PMwalter2
Photo 7533
Thank you all, and HYS especially for 'Liking' this image!
🕐 08-13-18 5:32 PMtorralba
Photo 26047
Nice. Have any recent shot of her? These go back 6 years.
🕐 08-13-18 11:01 AMtorralba
Photo 100297
Those are some brave kids.
🕐 08-13-18 10:59 AMtorralba
Photo - 100294
I like the separation created by the fog and the way the colors stand out against a neutral background.
🕐 08-12-18 2:16 PMtorralba
Photo - 100240
Woa. Guy is flying!
🕐 08-7-18 7:46 PMmitresg
Approaching storm
I like to add that I rather like the effects and moods of this picture. It had been underexposed drastically to achieve this. Walter, I would still like to have your expert comment.
BTW. This picture had been submitted, not dumped.
🕐 08-7-18 6:53 PMmitresg
Seafront in the Morning
Walter. I admire your pixel-perfect pictures as usual. I am sure you have taken years to perfect it. I also have been taking pictures since the early 80s. So the mediocre pictures of mine are my expressions, though they might not be as good as yours. I have also been a member of Leicaimages for over 3 years, having dumped over 1500 pictures over that period.
Please stay and continue you good work. I have dumped my last picture onto the Nickon site. Good bye.
🕐 08-7-18 6:49 AMterence2
Photo - 100290
Very Well Done
🕐 08-7-18 4:05 AMwalter2
Crossing the Bridge
We have to increase our engagement here a lot with lots of colorful images to "balance" out this overflow of "the other kind", Yuriy - that is all we CAN do ....
Thank you for Your support!
🕐 08-6-18 12:26 PMwalter2
CIS plays Mozart
Thank you, hys - for the 'Like' to my image!
🕐 08-6-18 12:25 PMwalter2
Free as a Bird!
Thank you, Yuriylux - for the 'Like' to this one!
🕐 08-3-18 12:25 PMmicpic069
Botanic Garden
Lovely to see Ilford Pan F image again ! You have done well in managing the contrast.
Zooming in on image reminded me of Michelangelo Antonioni’s fin “ Blow Up”
Thoroughly enjoy your images !
🕐 07-24-18 1:53 AMswanny
Photo 100255
By: swanny
Branklin garden Perth Scotland
🕐 07-22-18 10:39 PMyuriylux
Photo 100250
The plot is very beautiful, but it was not worth correcting the distortion in the program, from this edge the images look ugly. It's better to do it manually.
🕐 07-20-18 9:19 AMtorralba
Photo 42763
This is amazing. The lighting is just out of this world!
🕐 07-20-18 5:20 AMdalth500
Photo 100218
WOW - I love the concept and composition!!!
🕐 07-20-18 4:17 AMmitresg
The playground thru an obstacle course
I saw this rugged path to the playground. Not sure which is the focus? But each one is important. Good or not, it is interesting.
🕐 07-20-18 3:59 AMmitresg
Photo - 100242
Thank you. I wondered myself. There is a half-hidden figure behind her too. But, generally I shoot for the picture content, and won't scratch my head for too long. Just a bit.
🕐 07-20-18 3:55 AMmitresg
A stony garden path
Than you. I like black and white images, particularly those from the masters, who emphasise on contents.
🕐 07-15-18 9:14 PMtorralba
Photo 25208
Interesting shot. Has the fair happened yet this year?