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Gardoms edge Evening
Photo by calbo
🕐 09-10-23 07:47JT wrote:
I was just in Derbyshire. You can't beat the peak district.

Thanks for posting.
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Photo - 28165
Photo by JT
🕐 09-04-23 11:31JT wrote:
Just uploaded a higher res version of this photo and you can actually see details now. This was done in 2010 using a D3S. Not bad at all for 12 MP.
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Photo - 515185
Photo by JT
🕐 09-03-23 20:41JT wrote:
Do you remember Occupy Wall Street?

What a mess it created.
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Photo - 1000023
Photo by nestorovich
🕐 08-08-23 10:40JT wrote:
looks like the sky is on fire.
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Photo 1000007
Photo by cathead77
🕐 08-07-23 16:14cathead77 wrote:
nestorovich wrote:
The tree has died, but life is awakening below in new bright colors
Sounds nice.
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Photo 201229
Photo by cathead77
🕐 08-07-23 16:13cathead77 wrote:
JT wrote:
Love the processing.

Thank you much.
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Photo 203050
Photo by vicencio1153
🕐 08-07-23 15:27nestorovich wrote:
gorgeous photo
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Frank 'n Scents
Photo by timdesuyo
🕐 08-01-23 04:14mr.t wrote:
Absolutely fantastic, bravo 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 !
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Photo 135579
Photo by sjphoto
🕐 07-18-23 10:28JT wrote:
Love what you did here with the B&W .
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It's raining..
Photo by kenito
🕐 07-17-23 11:50JT wrote:
I have always loved this photo. There is something about it that makes me feel good. maybe the connection between the child and the dog. Regardless, it's a wonderful image. Thanks for sharing!
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