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Photo - 1000350
Photo by Franco
🕐 05-28-24 17:35JT wrote:
Wow. Our worlds are not too different :) This is just a short drive from where I live on the other side of the planet from you :) Lower Lewis River falls

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Costa Smeralda Sardinia
Photo by Franco
🕐 05-17-24 18:35JT wrote:
hai un bel tempo. sono geloso.
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Photo by rbfresno
🕐 05-15-24 14:16JT wrote:
I have been considering the Plena. Everyone who owns one loves it. This picture shows just what beautiful rendering it brings to the table and sharpness/contrast. I think I am sold ! Thanks for psting.
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East Lancashire Railway UK
Photo by Franco
🕐 05-04-24 08:34JT wrote:
Wow. Looks great. Love this type of photo.
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Sky and Rocky Coast
Photo by walter2
🕐 04-22-24 00:39walter2 wrote:
JT wrote:
Wow Walter. Love the tones and subtle colors.

Thank you, CHUCKN for your "Thumbs Up" and and JT for your kind words!
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Photo - 104120
Photo by JT
🕐 04-10-24 02:20walter2 wrote:
Living on the street? Touching motive with the dogs besides him - good shot, JT!
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Magic Winter Light II
Photo by walter2
🕐 04-07-24 14:37walter2 wrote:
hys wrote:
I think it deserves itselfs. I’l look for your work.

Thank you, hys - for your kind words!
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Photo 108691
Photo by bobpturner
🕐 04-01-24 06:58Timur Gedevanishvili wrote:
"Hey, gimme yo camera!"
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Photo - 1000215
Photo by TomFPark
🕐 03-10-24 14:41TomFPark wrote:
JT wrote:
Great scene. Well captured. Love the b&w.

Thanks so much.
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Macro Test 05
Photo by NikonFilmUser
🕐 02-22-24 18:39JT wrote:
Great colors! Who needs digital?
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